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About us

Lucent is one of The Galleria Bogota Companies, and it is the first Egyptian company that specializes only in the care of marble for homes and works on Maintenance of marble floors, walls and surfaces, as well as maintenance of granite and all stones for installations

We also offer special marble care products to maintain the luster and protect from stains and dust, as well as products to add luster. Gloss and surface products to insulate against water and protect against signs of age.

The company is characterized by services such as packing home furniture and preparing home furnishings after the maintenance process, and we are also distinguished by the speedy implementation of the renewal process.

Floors or restore their luster and make sure to maintain the walls and the cleanliness of the place.

All employees of the company have been trained with the highest scientific level to deal with all kinds of problems of use and the method of re-laying the marble as well.

Our Services


Maintenance of Marble and Granite Floors


Polishing, Removing Stains Protecting Surfaces & Floors


Covering Furniture, Protecting Walls,
Re-Furnishing During Maintenance Process


Removal of Salts Resulting From Moisture, Poor Material or Use


Restoration & Refinishing of All Types of Stones


Maintenance of Kitchens, Bathrooms & Stairs


Contact us

Lucent Company for Marble & Stone Maintenance

Cairo - Egypt

+2 012 012 22 844
+2 012 012 22 855

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